What is SEO

What is SEO

Search engine optimisation also is called SEO. The definition in Wikipedia is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s unpaid results. It’s a website improvement solution to attract more potential customer and give them the better experience.Because all the website has its purpose whatever it’s about sales or non-profit, SEO in most of the condition, has its market target for selling products or services.
Below is some important factors about deploying SEO strategy.

1.Market orientation

Orientation is the base to begin the online market. For small business owner, no one wants to compete with existed commercial giant. Market orientation is related to title keywords. You can check your favorite keyword in google and find whether is occupied by powerful competitors. For example, the keyword “SEO” cover a lot of customers but you have to face fierce competition. If your mainly want to provide the search engine optimisation services for Brisbane,  an experienced SEO expert will recommend the keyword ” SEO services Brisbane” may be more suitable.

2. Keywords arrangement

If you ignore all the content on the website, you will find the website is constructed by some related keywords. All the keywords are divided into several groups and all the keywords in the same group have inside relation. So the next step to start SEO is find the keywords related your business whatever in products or services.

3.Write the interesting content.

Visitors browse your website is for information. If you want visitors to stay at your site longer and press the action key, you need to build an authority imagine in their mind through the content including images and videos.

4. Promote your website

Even though your website has right marketing orientation and perfect contents,you still need to attract the potential customer. Social media platform promotion, links building, and Affiliate advertising are still necessary.

Start an online business is not easy, it looks much like an investment, you need to pay time and money on the above aspects. But when your website gains the customer through SEO, it would give you considerable returns.


Video of search engine optimisation

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