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Tips for Google Places Optimization

According to a recent search data released by ComScore, The percentage of search queries contain local terms rise each month.  For companies that have a local presence, local search traffic is essential, otherwise, the traffic will be grabbed by competitors. Google Maps provide a useful navigator tool for people to find local business and services. Another way to proof its importance is Google Maps is a standard app for Android mobile phone. With such popular hardware support and public demands, Google Places should be a great opportunity for the local business owner to begin marketing for local potential customers.

Tips for Google Places Optimization

The Google Places optimization tips listed below will help you attract more local potential customers.


Don’t try to cheat Google then use fake information in your online campaign. It’s easy for Google to use huge calculate ability to check whether your various online information is consistent. That means your Google Place profile should contain the information as same as any the online profiles about your company register in other websites. Google Place pages create another opportunity to build trust and consistency as part of your marketing strategy. So when you input your company information to other websites, you should audit your other profiles and answer each question as consistently as you can.


Interaction & Reviews

Keep touch with the customer through online interactivities is important. Customers like to share their likes or complaints about your company. The company should collect these reviews and try to improve customers’ experience. After all, these are the real surveys from clients and the company’s feedback attitude can affect the other customer’s buying behaviors. So we should recommend encouraging customers or clients to visit your page and see what they think. Here are some additional ways that you could encourage interaction:

Establish encourage policy for the customers to write reviews.( Especially, It is useful for company in FMCG)

Encourage clients to upload related photos or videos of themselves at your website


P&G: it use several ways to contact customer





Using relevant and related keywords in your Google Place profile is a basic SEO strategic way to increase optimization. Because potential customer likes to find the company through keywords. However, you will avoid stepping in blackhat SEO as stuffing your description with keywords or utilizing keywords in your business name that are not relevant to your offering. We recommend your check your primary competitors to determine what keywords are appropriate for your business.


Use keywords in your file names to improve optimization
Update your information frequently to provide fresh content

An optimized Google Places page has high investment return because it does not take a lot of effort but can have a very large impact on your local presence.  Like any online marketing strategy, the essential part is that you present factual and consistent information for your customers or clients.  If you are frustrated by the less local customer and ready to get started or make some change to your existing business, please consider using local SEO to boost your business.