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Why do we need Local SEO services?

Local search engine optimisation has become an important ranking factor for small business from several years ago when Google released the “Pigeon” algorithm. From that time, local citation services emerged and help the mall business owner to gain more local traffics.This SEO strategy looks smart today, as small size company is hard to compete with the international group in traditional SEO way. We also can regard this algorithm update as google’s action to balance the conflict between international and local ranking in limited page1.

Local seo serviceOver the next few years, the Google will update its algorithm regularly. But the core of “Pigeon” will be reserved surely. Why? It’s complete fit for google’s core principle, the searching result gives people more satisfaction and more accurate.

Why is Google in favor of local business?

There are two points to analysis why Google loves local business. The first is local business fit for its core principle, to provide more accurate searching results for people. It’s easy to understand that Google provides an Australia shopping center instead of an American shopping mall for A Brisbane customer inquiries the term” shopping center”. Another reason is local business searching display is an effective way to gain more profit for Google AdWords. Google try to balance the rules in its world. Otherwise, small business will lose their interesting in SEO and the top 10 ranking will be blocked by the international company because the small business owners don’t have enough resource to begin their campaign against business giants. For example, the keyword  “search engine optimisation Brisbane” can be understood by Google the company mainly providSEOeo service for Brisbane area.

Local search engine is not mysterious

Unlike the traditional SEO solution, local search services rely on local information and local people feedback.Google can’t verify all the information crawled by Google bots. So over past few years, SEO experts use kinds of black hat SEO strategy to cheat Google and push their website on the top. After Pigeon algorithm update, Google can rank the indexed results again base on local information and local people feedback. Google can save a lot of time to recognize the collected information true or not.

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