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Local SEO Checklist

Local SEO checklist is the compass to help you to deploy the local SEO strategy. Most of the time, if you are a small size business owner, after analyzing competitors and marketing orientation, SEOBOX consultants will give you a detailed list of how to start local SEO as it’s an affordable service for you.


Local SEO checklist primary focus on local search and is not mysterious, here are some important factors.

1. Keyword Research

Keyword research is always a necessary step for every successful SEO campaign. It reveals which keyword are searched by the public and competition level. SEO experts always advice to select the phrases and terms with high searching volume but low competition. But for the business owner, the mots important is the keywords has relation with your business.

For example, APPLE is a famous brand of digital equipment in the world. The term of “APPLE” has extremely search volume because it is a synonym
of IPHONE or IPAD. No business owner in Brisbane would expect to exceed the rank of APPLE company.

However, The phrase of “Apple mobile phone Strathpine” is an executable keyword if you have a retail store in Strathpine. Because if you website localization is done well, you have a high percent to display when locals find APPLE mobile phone. And this is the result of local SEO.

True keyword research is an in-depth and detailed process. Keep analyzing from competitor and brainstorm with colleagues, you will find a lot of keywords you have not realized. Another way to get a lot of related keywords is from Google keyword tools.

2. Website Title and description.

Website title is the most important element of On page SEO. Google will take your home page title content as the first step to consider how to index your whole website content.

3.NAP information

NAP means name, address, and phone. If you want the people to know your business location, one of the ways is to register the above in local directory websites.  Google will grab these information from local directory websites and verify their identities.

4.Customer feedback

Like in the real world, customer review is also important. SEO can’t save you business if it couldn’t give customer good experience. Providing good services and products for the customer and ask for them give you a good review in Google is effective ways to gain high ranking.
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