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How to optimise your local search?

Local SEO is not as same as national SEO or globe SEO. All the actions and strategy of local SEO aim to local potential customers. So we need to use different ways to approach local SEO. The below are some tips to help your website more local friendly.

google business

To register your business on Google Places

Goolge place is one of the basic functions provided by Google. So its importance is without saying.

Claim your Google Places for Business page and make sure your contact information, opening hours, address and contact details are complete. In fact, make sure the entire profile is fully complete.

Providing category information about your site gives Google a better understanding of the topic of your business and creates a signal that you are related to any localised searches about what your business does.

This will be the easiest way for your business to show up in search and maps.

Google+ Local

After setting up the Google business, you will need to link the Google Places page to a Google+ Local page. This Google+ page is more focused on social interaction with people interested in your business. Here we recommend you publish products information or news about your business from time to time. That will give new stimulation to your fans and keep touch with them.

Google Local has a high authority to effect searching result ranking. And It’s an easy way for every business owner to fill up such information through Google account.

The following is some tips when you input information in Google page.

1. The information contains keywords related your business.

The page’s title should include the brand name, the keyword being targeted and the location. For example, if you are divorce lawyers and operate a legal services business named “LAKELAW” , you should put the brand name and business in your Google+ page.

2. Reference your keywords in the title

The title is the soul of the page. A plumber shouldn’t forget to include ‘How to fix your running toilet’ if that is indeed your business.

3. Make sure that you associate your listing with the right category

Chinese restaurants’ could be the most relevant category, rather than just ‘restaurants’. That is because more accurate division can give you more accurate customer.

4. Schema markup

Add rich media to provide a more enticing proposition to potential customers.

Pictures or videos can express more inside meaning for the customers. Especial when your business is about photograph or video editing. These things can show your business well to the customers.

5. Add your address in a consistent format

NAP citations are a key ranking factor in local SEO. NAP citations from high authoritative websites provide more SEO juice. All of them are value links.

6. Customers positive reviews are important

Reviews are arguably the biggest local SEO ranking factor and are often compared to links in organic SEO.

Encouraging your customers to leave their opinions will increase your chances of success – if those opinions are positive, of course. SEO can’t help you if your food sucks.