Why you Should be Doing Google Local Business SEO

Even as local business listings continue to change, Google local searches and results remain very important to many types of businesses. As SEO continues to become more of a necessity for online business visibility the importance of local SEO has only increased. The increasing amount of local searches has been caused in part by mobile searches for products and services. All of this means that if you are not paying attention to your Google Local Business SEO you might be missing out on sales from consumers in your area.

Listing your business on Google Places is free, and by having your business listed you will increase your visibility, but how much and who will see it? That is where Google Local Business SEO comes in to help you get as many sales as possible through search engine results pages. Google Local Business SEO should be done for any business that has a physical location and that is interested in driving more traffic to that location.

If you are a business with a physical location you should be listed and if you want your listing to be seen you need Google local business SEO. The exposure that you can get from a Google listing that is optimized can help by getting your business information to people that never knew about you before.
Once your listing has been optimized for Google Local Business SEO you may want to get even more exposure for your business with social media. Take the time to setup an account on Foursquare and make sure that your business is listed in the directory so that local customers can “check-in” for deals at your store. You will also want to have an account on Yelp for your business. Promote it at your store to get your customers to leave reviews on your page. These reviews are often picked up by Google as well.

When you are working on creating different accounts or profiles on other websites, always make sure that you include a correctly formatted anchor text link back to your business listing for Google Local Business SEO.

As consumers continue to get more familiar with the best methods of locating information, products and services online, it will only become more vital that your business is properly optimized for Google Local Business SEO. As Google continues to get smarter with how they show results, it is likely that local search results will continue to rank highly for each user. So, don’t wait until all of your competitors have a local business listing, get your business optimized for local search today!
If you have any questions about Google Local Business SEO for your business, give Local Map Fusion a call at 1-877-264-5798.

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