Using Google Maps SEO for Maximum Visibility for your Local Business

Google Maps SEO can be a very important key to advertising your business in your local area. If you can benefit from local search results (and you probably can) and you are not ranking highly in the Google Local Listings for your category, then Google Maps SEO should be a primary focus of your online marketing and local search engine optimization efforts.

In the past few years more and more Local SEO companies have appeared. This is because Google Maps SEO continues to become more and more important to getting more business from Google. Google Maps SEO provides a great opportunity for you to get more visibility to your business online and bring customers right to your door.

Why has Google Maps SEO become so important? Studies show that 74% of all internet users perform local searches. This is because when people are looking to buy a product or service they will often search locally. Studies also show that over 46% of the traffic that comes from google maps results in sales. When you or your potential customers search for something in your local area, you often aren’t just looking for information, but you are looking to buy a local product or in the immediate future.

As Google Maps SEO has grown to be a more important part of online marketing strategy, many business owners have started to rely solely on it to generate more business. That can be a dangerous position for any small business to be in. By only relying on one SEO strategy you risk having something change, such as an algorithm, that could take you out of the top results.

When you begin doing Google Maps SEO be sure not to forget about organic search optimization to extend your reach online. PPC ads can also be an important part of your marketing mix to help you pull in more targeted traffic. Increase the visibility of your local business even further by taking advantage of social media marketing on Facebook and Twitter, try Facebook PPC. Advertise locally on websites that focus on your city or town. For the best results, take advantage of everything available online to help improve your business.

Are you interested in doing Google Maps SEO to get more visibility for your local business online? Call Local Map Fusion today at 1-877-264-5798.

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