How Google Maps for Directions Helps your Business to be Found

Location based search results are a feature of Google search that provides many opportunities for local businesses. Google has been displaying these results for some time now and they give you the chance to narrow down your target market to just searchers in your local area. Local businesses often waste their energy trying to optimize their website globally, but with local SEO, when your customers use Google Maps for directions they are able to find your business easily.

If your business serves your local area, Google local SEO can really help. When you are optimized for local search, if your customers use Google Maps for directions they will be able to find you easily, which makes converting potential customers easier. With Google Maps Optimization you can make sure that you are targeting only potential customers that will actually want to visit your business.

When customers use Google Maps for directions they can see driving directions, multiple map views, business locations and contact information, and more. You then have the ability to bring your business to life with individualized Places pages where you can go into more detail about your business. If your potential customers cannot find you when they are using Google Maps for directions, you should work on setting up your local SEO, as soon as possible.

When you are working on Google Places SEO, you will be able to edit your listing to reach your desired demographic in a number of different ways. You will do this by adding keyword phrases to your content that are targeted towards people who might be interested in your products and services, by choosing categories for your business that will attract those who are looking for a business like yours, and by creating ads and deals that are designed particularly for your potential customers.

When you create your business listing on Google Places and have the corresponding business location marked on Google Maps for directions, you will be making sure that your business can easily be found by everyone who is searching for a business like yours in your area. This means that even if they don’t know the name of your business, or if they are searching with general keywords relevant to your business, you will show up when they use Google Maps for directions.

Everyone who searches the Internet using Google sees both Google Places page listings and Google Maps results. This means your business has an even better chance of increased visibility when you optimize for both.

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