Why Answering “What is Google Places?” is Important for your Business

What is Google Places, you ask? First let’s make sure you understand what Google Maps is. Google Maps is, a map. Google displays the map section just below the paid ads at the top of the search engine results page. Generally there are anywhere from one to seven listings for local businesses. Underneath the map section is where the organic results begin. Those with the strongest SEO in place are the pages that are displayed first.

Ask ten business owners “what is Google Places?”, and you will likely get a number of different answers. One business owner may call Google Places an online version of the phone book. Another may call Google Places a virtual storefront. Both business owners are correct in their descriptions of Google Places. For many local business owners the questions is not what is Google Places, but what can I make of it!

Google Places provides a page for every business that they find, whether you sign up for one yourself or not. Unlike with maps that show only the name and address, the places listing gives you the option to list all kinds of information about your business including your hours and contact information. You can enter a description and add pictures and videos. You can also choose categories that your business falls into. The more information you provide on your business, the more likely you will place high in local search.

When you ask some business owners “what is Google Places?” they may tell you about online reviews. Reviews are very important to your Google Places SEO. For consumers looking for businesses, it is helpful to see what other consumers think. Google can pull reviews from other sites and display them right on your listing. Customers can also review your business straight through Google Places.
When asking “what is Google Places?” you may first want to understand how the revolutionary business listing service began. It began when Google combined Google Maps and organic search results into listings just for local searches. The search engine leader developed this search filter just for searchers looking for businesses in their local area.

Smart business owners understand the importance of asking what is Google Places for their businesses. They know that to get more customers their businesses must rank high in local search results.

A surprisingly large percentage of small businesses have not taken advantage of this free service. If you own a small business, you must take advantage of Google Places to market your business to people on local searches, but first, you need to figure out, what is Google Places to you?

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