How Google Maps with Street View Can Get you More Customers

Google Maps with Street View as a part of your Google local SEO strategies is a great way for local businesses to get found by consumers looking for products and services nearby. Millions of people look at Google Maps with Street View everyday, and by focusing on the consumers in your area you can help to make it easier for them to find you.

Whether you are a larger established business or a small local company just starting out, it is smart to begin thinking locally because that’s where your customers are. If you are not already using local SEO strategies effectively and promoting your business with Google Places SEO then it is time to get started. When done well, local SEO is very helpful for increasing your search engine visibility for your local keywords.

When consumers find you on Google Maps with street view they are able to look at a variety of helpful business information such as, address, hours, phone number, pictures, maps, and a “street view” with pictures of what your business looks like and where it is located.

Businesses that use the Google Maps with street view program have their property photographed in 360 degree panoramic shots. These pictures show exactly what customers will see when they actually visit the business. If you are a business that is going to have Google Maps with street view pictures taken, Google recommends that you let your customers and employees know by putting up signs and making announcements. Google uses blurring technology to remove the faces of anyone that still appears in the pictures and does not publish photos if people can be seen.

Business owners can benefit greatly from the added exposure of Google Maps with street view. The service is free and gives consumers the opportunity to be sure about your business, and to plan their visit using Google Maps to get there. Street View is even available on Google Maps for mobile, for consumers on the go.

As a consumer being able to see what they can expect from a business in pictures ahead of time is a great help, to save time and potential gas money. By making your business visible on Google Maps with street view you can increase your visibility on Google Maps and Google Earth. As an added bonus, you are also able to use Street View imagery of your business on your own web sites to give virtual tours of what you offer.

If you are interested in taking advantage of Google Maps with Street View for your business but don’t know where to start, Call Local Map Fusion 1-877-264-5798 Today!

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