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Local Map Fusion is a brand of the 180Fusion Company. Local Map Fusion was created with the local business in mind. Our primary goal is to introduce local customers to the local business. Local Map Fusion has optimized thousands of local businesses and growing daily. Our team of optimization strategists have the mission to get your business in front of your local customers to become leaders in your market.

180Fusion is run by a team of seasoned software and internet executives. The company is headquartered in California, with regional offices across North America.  It has established an industry reputation as a high-quality and leading provider in Search Engine Marketing — Local and National SEO, PPC, Social Media and Search Optimized Web Design. After 6 years of organic growth, we are proud to be recognized as one of the most respected Search Engine Marketing firms today.

The team is made up of both senior business executives and “tech geeks” who are experts in Search Engine Marketing. They pride themselves on staying ahead of new trends, tools, and industry changes.  Because of such diversity, our clients always benefit in extraordinary ways working with our knowledgeable and experienced professionals of experts who are hyper-focused on delivering top results and rankings. We are always striving to exceed our client’s goals and expectations, as we continually dedicate ourselves to the industries best practices.

Our company culture supports rapid innovation and excellent execution, while giving back to the community with both employees’ time and charitable contributions. 180Fusion executives and employees operate as a team who share a genuine passion for customer success. We welcome both big and small opportunities. In fact, some of our largest clients originally started off as start-up companies that we have grown with over the years as they achieved significant growth by leveraging our services to find the power of the internet.

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