What you Need to Know about Google Local SEO for Mobile

Today, the internet can be accessed easily with a variety of technological devices and platforms. This often means that your business website can be viewed by a very large audience. With the increase of iphones and other popular smart phones, Google local mobile SEO has become a necessity. Internet searchers are often much more impatient while they are using their mobile devices, so it is important that you provide an optimized website just for mobile.

The first step in creating a mobile site for Google Local SEO for mobile is to figure out the content that you have to include. Because of the small screens on smart phones, you have to decide on the key pieces of information that your visitors will likely be looking for. Google Local SEO for mobile has become more important because more people are conducting searches through their mobile phones. Mobile is particularly useful for local search because many consumers use their phones for information while they are on the road.

The basic SEO best practices that apply to all websites still apply to Google Local SEO for mobile. This includes proper use of keywords, meta titles and descriptions, relevant and interesting content, and site maps, to name a few. Remember that the whole point of creating a mobile website is that it is optimized for the small screen.

Sometimes your keywords for Google Local SEO for mobile will be different from your traditional website and sometimes they won’t. It is always recommended that you do some keyword research when creating a new site for Google Local SEO for Mobile. You might discover that people are using completely different keywords to search while on their phones. Sometimes they will be exactly the same. Regardless, it is important that you know and optimize your site with the best keywords.

In addition to making sure that you do Google mobile SEO for your mobile site, it is also important to make sure it is optimized for local search. Note that, 61% of mobile users are searching for businesses in their local area.

It is important to remember Google local SEO for mobile when you are attempting to engage targeted local traffic. With the continuously increasing sales of smart phones and tablets over the past few years it seems definite that mobile searches will only continue to increase.
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Why Use a Local SEO Services Provider?

If you would like your business to have a high search engine results placement for your local area, then working with a local SEO services provider makes sense. These companies have the experience to help make your website more visible to your potential customers. Now that people are using the internet more than the phone book to find businesses in their local area, it is smart to get your business ahead of the competition online. If you are not familiar with what is required to do local SEO for your business, then the knowledge of an expert can be priceless.

A Local SEO Services provider can look over your website to figure out what needs to be optimized. When your website is optimized to increase local traffic it will result in more sales, but there is a lot required to get your website a higher search engine placement. When you are trying to run a business, the last thing you may want to learn is how to do link-building. When you consider how time consuming SEO can be, it can seem impossible. This is where local SEO services can really help.

If you own a small business, whether small or established, you will need to be visible to the people that live in your area to get new business. If you are waiting for walk-in customers to find your store and make a purchase without having a presence online, you are limiting your business. Local SEO services are very effective at helping you get more out of your local market.

While traditional advertising and marketing requires a large investment, the internet has given business owners the opportunity to grow their businesses in a much more cost effective way. Local businesses need some kind of local business promotion to reach new customers and they can do this with Local SEO services.

Even though Local SEO services will require some investment it is small as compared to running traditional advertising campaigns, while still giving business owners maximum coverage and reach to targeted consumers. When properly optimized by a local SEO provider, your local business listing will place high in the search engine results giving your local target market an easy way to learn about your business.

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What To Do When your Google Local Business Listing Gets a Bad Review

Even though creating a Google Local Business listing can help increase your online visibility, there is a downside. No matter how hard your business works to improve customer service, there is a good chance that your business may eventually get a bad review. How you react to bad reviews is vital to how well your business will do online.

The reason review sites are popular, and why reviews are included in Google Local Business listings is because they provide potential new customers with information on what they can expect when they choose a business. Reviews have become a very important part of influencing purchasing decisions.

According to a recent study, four out of five consumers have changed their minds about a visiting business based on negative information available online. But negative reviews are not all bad. Reviews of all kinds help potential customers feel like they have done their research which moves them further towards making a purchase. Negative reviews can also give your Google local listing more credibility, what are the odds that any business could have all glowing reviews? Most importantly, negative reviews give businesses the opportunity to communicate in a way that is seen by other potential customers.

Being aware of when a negative review is posted about your business is very important. You do not want to find a negative review on your Google local business listing months later. To make sure that you know about any negative reviews right away, setup a Google Alert for your business.
Once you discover a negative review in your Google Local Business listing, determine whether you should respond. Sometimes a reviewer may be too vague for you to provide a helpful response. Never respond to reviews unless you can take ownership over the issue, and offer some kind of solution. If similar complaints continue you may have to carefully consider how your business can adapt to fix the problem for good.

If you don’t respond because you think a complaint is not serious enough, you risk negative comments spreading beyond your Google Local Business listing into other blogs and websites. The best way to stop negativity from growing is to handle it at the source. Often a few words from you will be enough to stop the negativity and get your message back on track.

When you decide to respond to a review be positive. Responding to reviews on your Google local business page, is part of the sales process online and a great opportunity for you to show that you care about your customers and are willing to make things right.

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Why you Should be Doing Google Local Business SEO

Even as local business listings continue to change, Google local searches and results remain very important to many types of businesses. As SEO continues to become more of a necessity for online business visibility the importance of local SEO has only increased. The increasing amount of local searches has been caused in part by mobile searches for products and services. All of this means that if you are not paying attention to your Google Local Business SEO you might be missing out on sales from consumers in your area.

Listing your business on Google Places is free, and by having your business listed you will increase your visibility, but how much and who will see it? That is where Google Local Business SEO comes in to help you get as many sales as possible through search engine results pages. Google Local Business SEO should be done for any business that has a physical location and that is interested in driving more traffic to that location.

If you are a business with a physical location you should be listed and if you want your listing to be seen you need Google local business SEO. The exposure that you can get from a Google listing that is optimized can help by getting your business information to people that never knew about you before.
Once your listing has been optimized for Google Local Business SEO you may want to get even more exposure for your business with social media. Take the time to setup an account on Foursquare and make sure that your business is listed in the directory so that local customers can “check-in” for deals at your store. You will also want to have an account on Yelp for your business. Promote it at your store to get your customers to leave reviews on your page. These reviews are often picked up by Google as well.

When you are working on creating different accounts or profiles on other websites, always make sure that you include a correctly formatted anchor text link back to your business listing for Google Local Business SEO.

As consumers continue to get more familiar with the best methods of locating information, products and services online, it will only become more vital that your business is properly optimized for Google Local Business SEO. As Google continues to get smarter with how they show results, it is likely that local search results will continue to rank highly for each user. So, don’t wait until all of your competitors have a local business listing, get your business optimized for local search today!
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