5 Ways to Optimize Your Website For Bing

Bing is the search engine operated by Microsoft, so it’s ranking factors are different fro Google. If you want to have a higher rank result is Bing, you can’t use the same SEO strategy as same as in Google. Here are some tips you can optimisation your website for Bing.


 1. The Age and Kind of Website Matter

Google typically favors websites which are newer and popular. Bing, according to Allen Moon on Entrepreneur, “places a lot of emphasis on the age of a domain.” Moon suggests that if you’re just starting out, you might need to buy an older domain name so that your site are going to rank higher.

Besides the age of a website, Bing also tends to favor domain names that are more official, such as “.edu” or “.gov” HubSpot further describes that “Google is fast to offer up socially related and useful sites whereas Bing is more intending to provide factually related information.”

This information may not help you if you have already got a website, but ti does clue you in on why your sparkling new site isn’t ranking as well in Bing. In the long run, this may not be a concern as your site gets older.

2. Have the Right Technical Requirements

You will discover six technical places that Bing focuses while ranking your site. These types of requirements include:

Page load time – remember, the faster the better.
Robots.txt – this effects where Bing bots can and can not go while crawling your site. Make sure it’s not blocked and accurate by reviewing this guideline.
Sitemap – Ensure that you take care of all of the URLs from your website by continuing to keep it clean and current. You might want to remove needless URLs.
Website Technology – Rich media can avoid Bing bots from crawling your web site. Bing suggests “a down-level experience which includes the same content factors and links as your rich version does.”
Redirects – If you need to move content between websites, Bing requires that you use a 301 permanent redirect.
Canonical Tags – When multiple URLs include the same content, the rel=canonical element can help Bing figure out which is the original. This, however, should not be used when moving content.

3. Use Straightforward Key phrases

Daniel Ruby states in a research report from Chitika that “Verbatim keyword matching is much more important for Bing traffic.” This indicates as opposed to Google, Bing doesn’t do well with broad-matching key phrases – Ruby uses 401K and Retirement Plan for instance. It’s also been discovered by Practis, Inc. that Bing uses “no more than 2 target keywords per page to improve Bing search engine rankings.”

UpCity suggests you use relevant and well-written key phrases for title tags, meta-descriptions and in H1 and H2. You should also utilize long-tail keyphrases that include your targeted words as well.

Extra tip: WordStream has a nifty keyword tool that can help you find the best phrases and words for Bing optimization.

What is SEO

What is SEO

Search engine optimisation also is called SEO. The definition in Wikipedia is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s unpaid results. It’s a website improvement solution to attract more potential customer and give them the better experience.Because all the website has its purpose whatever it’s about sales or non-profit, SEO in most of the condition, has its market target for selling products or services.
Below is some important factors about deploying SEO strategy.

1.Market orientation

Orientation is the base to begin the online market. For small business owner, no one wants to compete with existed commercial giant. Market orientation is related to title keywords. You can check your favorite keyword in google and find whether is occupied by powerful competitors. For example, the keyword “SEO” cover a lot of customers but you have to face fierce competition. If your mainly want to provide the search engine optimisation services for Brisbane,  an experienced SEO expert will recommend the keyword ” SEO services Brisbane” may be more suitable.

2. Keywords arrangement

If you ignore all the content on the website, you will find the website is constructed by some related keywords. All the keywords are divided into several groups and all the keywords in the same group have inside relation. So the next step to start SEO is find the keywords related your business whatever in products or services.

3.Write the interesting content.

Visitors browse your website is for information. If you want visitors to stay at your site longer and press the action key, you need to build an authority imagine in their mind through the content including images and videos.

4. Promote your website

Even though your website has right marketing orientation and perfect contents,you still need to attract the potential customer. Social media platform promotion, links building, and Affiliate advertising are still necessary.

Start an online business is not easy, it looks much like an investment, you need to pay time and money on the above aspects. But when your website gains the customer through SEO, it would give you considerable returns.


Video of search engine optimisation

Tips for Google Places Optimization

According to a recent search data released by ComScore, The percentage of search queries contain local terms rise each month.  For companies that have a local presence, local search traffic is essential, otherwise, the traffic will be grabbed by competitors. Google Maps provide a useful navigator tool for people to find local business and services. Another way to proof its importance is Google Maps is a standard app for Android mobile phone. With such popular hardware support and public demands, Google Places should be a great opportunity for the local business owner to begin marketing for local potential customers.

Tips for Google Places Optimization

The Google Places optimization tips listed below will help you attract more local potential customers.


Don’t try to cheat Google then use fake information in your online campaign. It’s easy for Google to use huge calculate ability to check whether your various online information is consistent. That means your Google Place profile should contain the information as same as any the online profiles about your company register in other websites. Google Place pages create another opportunity to build trust and consistency as part of your marketing strategy. So when you input your company information to other websites, you should audit your other profiles and answer each question as consistently as you can.


Interaction & Reviews

Keep touch with the customer through online interactivities is important. Customers like to share their likes or complaints about your company. The company should collect these reviews and try to improve customers’ experience. After all, these are the real surveys from clients and the company’s feedback attitude can affect the other customer’s buying behaviors. So we should recommend encouraging customers or clients to visit your page and see what they think. Here are some additional ways that you could encourage interaction:

Establish encourage policy for the customers to write reviews.( Especially, It is useful for company in FMCG)

Encourage clients to upload related photos or videos of themselves at your website


P&G: it use several ways to contact customer





Using relevant and related keywords in your Google Place profile is a basic SEO strategic way to increase optimization. Because potential customer likes to find the company through keywords. However, you will avoid stepping in blackhat SEO as stuffing your description with keywords or utilizing keywords in your business name that are not relevant to your offering. We recommend your check your primary competitors to determine what keywords are appropriate for your business.


Use keywords in your file names to improve optimization
Update your information frequently to provide fresh content

An optimized Google Places page has high investment return because it does not take a lot of effort but can have a very large impact on your local presence.  Like any online marketing strategy, the essential part is that you present factual and consistent information for your customers or clients.  If you are frustrated by the less local customer and ready to get started or make some change to your existing business, please consider using local SEO to boost your business.

Local SEO Checklist

Local SEO checklist is the compass to help you to deploy the local SEO strategy. Most of the time, if you are a small size business owner, after analyzing competitors and marketing orientation, SEOBOX consultants will give you a detailed list of how to start local SEO as it’s an affordable service for you.


Local SEO checklist primary focus on local search and is not mysterious, here are some important factors.

1. Keyword Research

Keyword research is always a necessary step for every successful SEO campaign. It reveals which keyword are searched by the public and competition level. SEO experts always advice to select the phrases and terms with high searching volume but low competition. But for the business owner, the mots important is the keywords has relation with your business.

For example, APPLE is a famous brand of digital equipment in the world. The term of “APPLE” has extremely search volume because it is a synonym
of IPHONE or IPAD. No business owner in Brisbane would expect to exceed the rank of APPLE company.

However, The phrase of “Apple mobile phone Strathpine” is an executable keyword if you have a retail store in Strathpine. Because if you website localization is done well, you have a high percent to display when locals find APPLE mobile phone. And this is the result of local SEO.

True keyword research is an in-depth and detailed process. Keep analyzing from competitor and brainstorm with colleagues, you will find a lot of keywords you have not realized. Another way to get a lot of related keywords is from Google keyword tools.

2. Website Title and description.

Website title is the most important element of On page SEO. Google will take your home page title content as the first step to consider how to index your whole website content.

3.NAP information

NAP means name, address, and phone. If you want the people to know your business location, one of the ways is to register the above in local directory websites.  Google will grab these information from local directory websites and verify their identities.

4.Customer feedback

Like in the real world, customer review is also important. SEO can’t save you business if it couldn’t give customer good experience. Providing good services and products for the customer and ask for them give you a good review in Google is effective ways to gain high ranking.
Video of local SEO checklist

How to optimise your local search?

Local SEO is not as same as national SEO or globe SEO. All the actions and strategy of local SEO aim to local potential customers. So we need to use different ways to approach local SEO. The below are some tips to help your website more local friendly.

google business

To register your business on Google Places

Goolge place is one of the basic functions provided by Google. So its importance is without saying.

Claim your Google Places for Business page and make sure your contact information, opening hours, address and contact details are complete. In fact, make sure the entire profile is fully complete.

Providing category information about your site gives Google a better understanding of the topic of your business and creates a signal that you are related to any localised searches about what your business does.

This will be the easiest way for your business to show up in search and maps.

Google+ Local

After setting up the Google business, you will need to link the Google Places page to a Google+ Local page. This Google+ page is more focused on social interaction with people interested in your business. Here we recommend you publish products information or news about your business from time to time. That will give new stimulation to your fans and keep touch with them.

Google Local has a high authority to effect searching result ranking. And It’s an easy way for every business owner to fill up such information through Google account.

The following is some tips when you input information in Google page.

1. The information contains keywords related your business.

The page’s title should include the brand name, the keyword being targeted and the location. For example, if you are divorce lawyers and operate a legal services business named “LAKELAW” , you should put the brand name and business in your Google+ page.

2. Reference your keywords in the title

The title is the soul of the page. A plumber shouldn’t forget to include ‘How to fix your running toilet’ if that is indeed your business.

3. Make sure that you associate your listing with the right category

Chinese restaurants’ could be the most relevant category, rather than just ‘restaurants’. That is because more accurate division can give you more accurate customer.

4. Schema markup

Add rich media to provide a more enticing proposition to potential customers.

Pictures or videos can express more inside meaning for the customers. Especial when your business is about photograph or video editing. These things can show your business well to the customers.

5. Add your address in a consistent format

NAP citations are a key ranking factor in local SEO. NAP citations from high authoritative websites provide more SEO juice. All of them are value links.

6. Customers positive reviews are important

Reviews are arguably the biggest local SEO ranking factor and are often compared to links in organic SEO.

Encouraging your customers to leave their opinions will increase your chances of success – if those opinions are positive, of course. SEO can’t help you if your food sucks.